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 RP profile and starter

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Pikachu tamer

Pikachu tamer

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PostSubject: RP profile and starter   Mon 7 Aug 10:13

User Name:Pikachu tamer
RP Name:Lycoris Ryo Caley (Kari for short)
RP Personality: Kari has a happy-go-lucky attitude with a high amount of optimisim. She is barely ever sad and the best of friends when you need one. She has the useful ability to fit a large amount of things in a small backpack. Although she is very positive and cheerfull she also has a scary, serious and even a bit violent side too. She is very understanding of other people and can become a very good friend because of this. However, she seems to get off topic sometimes and clash completely with the mood of the situation.
RP Team:

Starter pokemon: Mudkip
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PKMN Trainer Nella
PKMN Trainer Nella

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PostSubject: Re: RP profile and starter   Mon 7 Aug 13:07

Activated. Go to your next destination. *gives ya a pokedex and 5 pokeballs*
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RP profile and starter
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