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 POkemon Snap Walkthrough

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PostSubject: POkemon Snap Walkthrough   Wed 29 Mar 21:46

I am to laxy to change this to HTML format, so i'm going to post it, and right click it. than use view source. Also, Nella can have this guide on her site because she hosts me. Very Happy

Level 1: Beach
1. Pidgey
2. Pikachu
3. Meowth
4. Doduo
5. Butterfree
6. Eevee
7. Chansey
8. Snorlax
9. Scyther
10. Lapras
11. Kangaskhan
You already have this level unlocked. You find a lot of basic pokemon here. At the beginning of the level you can get a really awesome picture of Pidgey, with two other Pidgey's in the background. You can also lure Pikachu with Apples to the surf Board. That really gives professor Oak a big w00t.

Level 2: Tunnel
1. Voltorb
2. Electabuzz
3. Kakuna
4. Zubat
5. Magnemite
6. Diglett
7. Dugtrio
8. Haunter
9. Magikarp
10. Zapdos
To unlock this, you must take pictures of 6 different pokemon in the first level. Pikachu is the only pokemon that isn't new here. You can get him to ride Electrode at the beginning of the level. Also, throwing apples at electrode will make him explode! You can also meet Zapdos here. Just make his egg hatch. Also, you can lure the three Magnemites together to make a Magneton. Use apples.

Level 3: Volcano
1. Ponyta
2. Vulpix
3. Magmar
4. Charmander
5. Charmeleon
6. Charizard
7. Arcanine
8. Growlith
9. Moltres
You need to hit the Electorde at the end of the 2nd level to unlock this level. All the pokemon here are fire type. Also, there are a lot of tricks you can do! You can get Moltres. Just throw an apple at his egg. His egg is hard to miss! At the end of the level, knock the charmeleon into the lava to make him evolve. Make sure you snap him before he evolves.

Level 4: River
1. Poliwag
2. Slowpoke
3. Slowbro
4. Bulbasaur
5. Shellder
6. Porygon
7. Psyduck
8. Metapod
9. Cloyster
10. Villeplume
To unlock this course, you need to have atleast 22 pictures of different pokemon. Most pokemon here are either water, or grass type. Throwing apples may get Butterfree to come out. Otherwise, there is no real straygey here. This level is easy.

Level 5: Cave
1. Grimer
2. Ditto
3. Koffing
4. Jigglypuff
5. Weepinbell
6. Victreebel
7. Jynx
8. Articuno
To unlock this course you must go to the River course. Near the end of the River course, there's a red switch at the right side and a weird rock moving around on the wall. Hit the rock with a pester ball to turn it into Porygon and hit the switch. You can find Articuno here. Hit all the Jynx's to make them break his egg. Near the end of the level you can find some Jigglypuff's getting picked on by another pokemon. If you help the three Jigglypuff's than at the end of the level, one will sing, and the other two will dance. What a shot that could be.

Level 6: Valley
1. Squirtle
2. Mankey
3. Geodude
4. Sandshrew
5. Graveler
6. Sandslash
7. Staryu
8. Starmie
9. Dragonite
10. Goldeen
11. Dratini
To unlock this course you must take pictures of 40 different types of pokemon. This course is pretty intresting. Some Graveler are hanging from some rocks. Knock them down with some Pester balls. Also, don't miss the Dragonite, its a priceless picture. At the end of the level, you will have to knock a squirtle revealing a different exit to this level. You find Prof. Oak there. He tells you about the pokemon signs Go back to all the levels and get the signs.

Pokemon Signs:
Beach: This sign looks like a crab made out of rocks. You'll find it on the left near the start of the level.
Tunnel: This sign is a shadow cast on a wall, and it's found before the magnemite nearthe end of the level. In order to see it though you must first release Zapdos from its egg earlier on in the stage.
Volcano: This sign looks like purple smoke, and you'll find it on the left near the start of the level. Throw a pester ball or two into the volcano on the left to get this sign to appear.
River: This sign looks like a large rock formation and is found above the Vileplume near the beginning of the level.
Cave: This sign looks like formation of four shiny crystals and it's found midway through the level. Look left once you see the first Koffing and Jigglypuff, you shouldn't miss it.
Valley: Right at the start of the level you will see three mounds in the distance. This is exactly what you are looking for.

Level 7: Rainbow Cloud
1. Mew
To unlock this, you must have taken pictures of all 6 pokemon signs. In this level, there is only one pokemon: Mew. He will be protected from getting his picture taken. You need to hit him with an apple, or Pester Ball a few times. He than loses his bubble. He will be running to get to his bubble so you wouldn't be able to see his face. You can sometimes intrest him with an Apple to get him to turn around.
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PostSubject: Re: POkemon Snap Walkthrough   Mon 10 Jul 6:30

Wow! Pokemon snap is a pretty old game. I thought no one played it!
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POkemon Snap Walkthrough
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