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PKMN Trainer Nella
PKMN Trainer Nella

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PostSubject: Rules/How-To-Play   Sun 26 Mar 20:59

Once you get a pokemon, and you wish to capture, please, go to the area where a mod or admin says to go. The topic has to say something like this:

"Pokemon Battle!"

And ONLY a mod/admin can reply to the topic saying the information (specie, gender, level, nature). Members can only cheer on someone.

To battle a trainer, request a battle by PM, and me or a mod. I will set up a battle for you on Battle Stadium.

For gym leaders, request a match by private messaging. Then, if the gym leader accepts, you battle wherever the gym leader says.

How to battle:
Lets say 2 people are battling. Charmander Vrs. Gastly. Here's a BAD example:

Charmander used flamethrower and Gastly exploded and died so I win!

Here's a good example:

"Charmander, emberr!" Kelly called to my Charmander with maximum HP.

"Char, char!" said Charmander, as it targeted the Gastly and spat out Ember.


"Dodge it, Gastly!" Johnny said to his Gastly.

Gastly immediatly noticed, but with a low speed stat it did get hit. Gastly, for a good thing, wasn't burned, but it had a slight painful feeling.

"Gastly, hypnosis!"


"Charmander, close your eyes!" Kelly said.

Charmander, with an ever so curious nature kept his eyes peeled open and fell to sleep.

"Wake up!" Kelly said... and so on.


Buying Items:

Please, please, CALCULATE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE AND PUT IT ON YOUR SIG! You don't expect to staff to do everything for you, right? You start out with 5000 VP (Victory Points).
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