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 Tales of Smyphonia

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Pikachu tamer

Pikachu tamer

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PostSubject: Tales of Smyphonia   Sun 3 Dec 9:12

I would have put this in games but I think thats an all pokemon forum so....

Tales of Symphonia! My current addiction/obsession! Its a great game! Does anyone else know about it?
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Umbreon Moon

Umbreon Moon

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PostSubject: Re: Tales of Smyphonia   Sun 3 Dec 21:24

I do (obviously). It's okay. I used to like it. a lot. but now I only like it a bit. my current obsession is POKEMON! in particular pokemon mystery dungeon. I'm also obsessed with er...what's it called again? ah! I'm obsessed with animal crossing and harvest moon.
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Tales of Smyphonia
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